Connectivity Issues – Newark

Monitoring – We have been able to correct the issues affecting our Newark data center. We will be monitoring this issue to ensure our services remain stable.
Feb 21, 19:05 UTC
Update – Our team is still investigating this issue. We will continue to provide additional updates as the issue develops.
Feb 21, 18:36 UTC
Update – We’re continuing to work to restore normal connectivity in our Newark data center, and we’ll continue to provide updates here.
Feb 21, 17:56 UTC
Investigating – We are aware of connectivity issues affecting hosts in our Newark data center and are currently investigating. We will continue to provide additional updates as this incident develops.

Data center outage

New Jersey data center is experiencing widespread outages. We are monitoring the situation.

Update: We have identified the connectivity issues affecting our Newark data center as the result of a power outage. Our team is working as quickly as possible to restore connectivity. We will provide additional updates as they develop.

Update: Data connectivity issues, which were caused by power issues, have been resolved.